Pop Solo Microphone Review

Pop Solo Karaoke Wireless Microphone

If you or your kids are into singing and you like to attend karaoke parties, you might be looking for your ideal karaoke microphone. There are plenty of interesting karaoke microphones available on the market and you might be wondering what they have to offer. Tzumi’s PopSolo microphone is one of the more popular karaoke … Read more

Telefunken M80 Review

Mid-range microphones can be the perfect addition to your audio gear if you’ve come to the point where you want to surround yourselves with better quality equipment. It’s true—they do come at higher prices and might get us out of our comfort zone when it comes to how much they cost, but they do know … Read more

Best Cheap Microphone for YouTube

Searching for the best cheap microphone for YouTube can be a bit of a struggle for those of you that are new in ‘the business.’ You are probably thinking of ways to cut on your costs for buying one, but you also want to get some decent quality of sound. After all, you are in … Read more

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