Pop Solo Microphone Review

If you or your kids are into singing and you like to attend karaoke parties, you might be looking for your ideal karaoke microphone. There are plenty of interesting karaoke microphones available on the market and you might be wondering what they have to offer. Tzumi’s PopSolo microphone is one of the more popular karaoke microphones. This is due to its manufacturers putting a lot of effort into creating a perfect microphone for fun and karaoke. In this pop solo microphone review, I will explain why that’s the case while elaborating on PopSolo’s many qualities and options. You may also want to take a look at our list of best wireless karaoke mics.


  • Great sound quality with a head that reduces unwanted noises, pop, and hiss
  • Built-in HD speaker
  • Compatible with all version 4.1 devices that use Bluetooth and almost all karaoke apps, and it is USB-connectable
  • Has a retractable smartphone holder
  • You can use it to record your singing and make music videos


  • There is no storage for your micro SD card that comes with the microphone


Pop Solo Microphone reviewPopSolo is a device  designed as a combination of a microphone and speaker. There is an interesting blend between aesthetics and convenience that characterizes the microphone, and  that’s the first thing you’ll notice when you take a look at it.

The microphone has a slim, hand-friendly handle with its control buttons on the front side for easy access and commodity. The HD speaker is between the handle and the head, and it’s a cube-like element with its edges a bit curved to add to the overall gentle design of the microphone. The speakers are also the part of the microphone where Tzumi has decided to put on their logo and the name of the microphone, and it seems like their decision didn’t fail to add to its elegance and beauty.

On the rear side of the speaker, Tzumi portable karaoke system mounted a smart phone holder. This is great for all those times when you would want to read the lyrics while singing the songs in a cosy way. The holder is also removable, so you can take it off when you don’t want it mounted on the speaker.

PopSolo’s head looks beautiful and sleek like the rest of the microphone. The nice, slim ring around its grill makes the microphone look very sophisticated.

The outer components of the PopSolo come in rose, black, and golden. They all have a nice touch of shine to them that gives the microphone a nice overall finish making it look more expensive than it actually is.


Besides from having a great design, the Tzumi PopSolo karaoke microphone has some interesting features for all of us singers.

First of all, the microphone’s body is made of aluminium alloy. Together with the microphone’s structure, this material provides for its nice build quality and durability.

The head and its internal components were designed to make the PopSolo immune to any background noises, and the plosives and hissing that might occur while you’re singing. When combined with a frequency response from 100Hz to 100kHz, these features make sure that the sound you’ll hear will be clean and accurate.

How good of a karaoke mic is the PopSolo, really?

You’ll be able to use the PopSolo for up to 5 hours before its lithium battery needs to be recharged. Don’t worry, however. The fun never stops with this microphone since its battery takes only two hours to recharge and power the PopSolo.

Pop Solo Karaoke Wireless MicrophoneThe microphone is also a great pick when it comes to compatibility and connectivity. This being said, PopSolo is compatible with all version 4.1 Bluetooth devices and almost all of the known karaoke applications. Furthermore, you can use this microphone wirelessly, or you can choose to connect it to a device via its USB cable.

As a budget wireless bluetooth karaoke microphone, Tzumi PopSolo doesn’t fail to surprise you with how easy it is to use it. There are five control buttons on its handle. You can  press them to turn the microphone on, power it, turn its volume up or down, pair it with a Bluetooth device, and record yourself while singing. All of this is available to you at a maximum distance of 30 ft from the Bluetooth device the microphone’s connected to.

The final feature that Tzumi packed the PopSolo with is its Auto-Off anti-overheating feature for when you’re not using the microphone, but it is still on. This way, your PopSolo will last for long, even if you sometimes accidentally forget to turn it off.


It should be pretty obvious to you by now that the PopSolo is a very versatile microphone when it comes to its features, compatibility, and user-friendliness. All of these things affect its overall performance in a positive way, and the user ends up getting more than expected for a microphone of this price.

PopSolo is an ‘honest’ microphone, and you are guaranteed to get a microphone that will have and do the things that it’s been said to have and do. This being said, you will have a great quality of sound in all the different situations in which the microphone can be used. The no-hiss, no-pop, no-noise head really backs up its design and does its best to give you a clear sound. Also, the microphone features will work well one with each other, and you won’t have any limitations with the microphone if you use it in the specified way.

All in all, PopSolo is a nice microphone to have fun with.

Concluding the Pop Solo microphone review

One could say that Tzumi did really well with this microphone, and that they were really thoughtful about the users. Having to offer this much at this price really makes it an attractive option for all karaoke lovers out there. I believe that you will fall in love with this bluetooth microphone regardless of your age because its designers made sure to make it appealing to people from all generations. I hope that you get to like it and that you have fun with it if you decide to buy it.

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