Sennheiser e835 Review – A great dynamic vocal mic?

It is easy to run into a budget microphone for sale, but it can be hard picking the right one for you. Being a low-cost microphone, Sennheiser e835 does set the standards for a lot of the budget microphones out there. Its good features and user-friendliness are the reason why we wrote this Sennheiser e835 review. Now, let me tell you more about the e835.


  • Sensitive and clear sounding, especially in the higher frequencies
  • A cardioid microphone with a minimal proximity effect
  • Comes with a hum compensation coil
  • An all-metal body and a built-in shock mount for mechanical noise reduction
  • Great maximum SPL of 150dB


  • Doesn’t have switches to turn it on or off


Design could not get any more simple with the nice Sennheiser e835. The microphone is what it is and it doesn’t strive to impress you with some shiny finishes and added ornaments. I could not say it’s minimalistic, but it is a microphone with a modest design.

Sennheiser e835 mic, all sides

However, this doesn’t mean that it looks bad or that it’s not worth considering. Its nice, slim body colored in metallic gray still looks pretty neat and is very hand-friendly. It is also all made of metal to ensure the durability and performance of the Sennheiser e835. The metal handle is also where Sennheirser’s logo and the name of the microphone is written in humble white adding to the overall plain design to the microphone. The more accented, robust metal grill at the top of the microphone goes nicely with the body of the Sennheiser e835. Having it accented and colored in black pulls the microphone from the overall modest vibe and gives it a bit of a sassiness. However, its simplicity persists in the fact that there are no control switches on its body.

It is normal that you wonder what the deal with all of this simplicity that Sennheiser insists on is. Well, greater simplicity usually means greater quality. The company clearly knew what they were doing when creating a microphone that offers you a quality sound, durability, and a nice overall performance. They, of course, made sure to use their budget for making the microphone for enhancing what really matters while designing the device in a simple way. As I said, this only makes it look humble, but not at all bad.


Sennheiser e835 has some great features to offer. Its designers went straight to the point when equipping the microphone with exactly what it needs to offer better quality of sound and durability. Therefore, it is very easy to go through the features of the e835 and explain how they work.

One of the features that Sennheiser e835 has to offer is a frequency response ratio from 40Hz to 160kHz. This is a nice frequency response with more versatility in the upper range. Obviously, the company thought out this feature well minding both our speaking range and the microphone’s quality. When accompanied with its SPL of 150dB, you can certainly give your performance some good volume.

Additional features

Something else that you’ll find out about the Sennheiser e835 when you start using it is that the microphone will detect your sound even if you move a bit further away from it. This means that it has a minimal proximity effect, and it also means that you can go with the flow of your song while not having to think too much about how to perfectly place your microphone in front of your mouth to make good use of it.

sennheiser e835 review

Along the lines of the good sound quality is also the fact that Sennheiser e835 has a hum compensation coil. This coil reduces the noise from the electromagnetic interference. Also, there’s a built-in shock mount to reduce any handling noise the microphone might come in contact with.

Furthermore, the polar pickup pattern that is Sennheiser e835 one and only best friend is the cardioid one. With a polar pattern like this, you can forget about all the unwanted background noises that might be present when performing somewhere and expect great sound clarity when in a quieter place. No matter where you’re using your Sennheiser e835, you will have a detailed and dynamic sound with its richness on a great level.


Judging by Sennheiser’s idea of creating a budget microphone that’s of great quality and easy to use, I would say that the e835 is a solid pick from the market. With features like the ones it has to offer, this microphone could’ve cost more. However, Sennheiser was pretty generous to sell it at a more affordable price and they certainly made it worth the buying.

The overall performance of this microphone is nice. There’s a great sound quality with the projection of the sound being detailed, accurate, and warm. You can comfortably experiment with the lower frequencies of the microphone as well as with the higher ones. The overall noise reduction structure paid off for Sennheiser and the e835 really goes as far as it can go to deliver the promised clear sound.

Furthermore, there’s some nice durability when it comes to the e835. Its all-metal body might look modest, but you will realize that your money were well-spent once you accidentally drop it on the floor.

All the components work well together, and the microphone really couldn’t be much easier to use with its XLR connector plugged in. It will give you the same results when held in hand and when put in its desk clip.


It is now time to conclude about what the Sennheiser e835 is all about and whether it is worth the try. If you’ve read this review, you will probably acknowledge that there is a nice balance between the price and the quality of the microphone. Not only does it have some cool features to offer, but the features do work well in various circumstances and will not let you down.

Ultimately, this is a microphone that is a nice option for people who like a well-made, pre-adjusted device to make their vocal experience a more convenient and a great-quality one.  So if you like what the Sennheiser e835 has to offer, you might consider giving it a try. For more option take a look at shure sm58 review and best dynamic microphone articles.

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