Shure MV88 Review – A great digital stereo condenser mic?

In our Shure MV88 review we will talk about what could be the perfect microphone for you if you are a vlogger, interviewer, a musician, or just someone who needs an enhancement to their iOS device’s sound for a certain reason. This mini microphone has a lot to offer, and if there’s a ‘short story’ for this gadget, it will be that the best things really come in small packages. I, therefore, encourage you to read my Shure MV88 review and find out more about this interesting, tiny piece of thechnology.


  • EQ, polar pickup pattern, and stereo width can be automatically adjusted with the MOTIV Audio app
  • Five DSP presets
  • Comes with a windscreen, MOTIV Audio, and MOTIV Video apps
  • Very small and with an adjustable posture
  • Compatible with all devices that have a Lightning connection


  • There is a bit of a latency while you’re monitoring your recording


Little Shure MV88 looks like your tiny, personal telescope. It has  a body of 1.38 x 0.98 x 2.64 inches, and it can literally fit inside your pocket or bag in case it needs to be transported. The MV88’s body is made from metal and it has a solid construction, so don’t much worry about damaging it.

Shure MV88 condenser Microphone

The tine microphone has a high-quality metal mesh on its top and on the sides of its cylindrical chassis. The MV88 has a gray part and a black part, held together by screws. There’s also Shure’s logo proudly printed in black on the Shure MV88 tube.

The biggest screw on the Shure MV88 Mic is located on the connective spot between the microphone and its supportive basis. The connective spot is made in such a way that it allows the microphone to tilt and rotate to a maximum of 90 degrees. This, of course, enables you to use the microphone in the position you prefer and which best suits your needs.

The supportive basis had two parts. Besides from having the necessary electronic part that enables the Shure MV88 to connect to you iOS, his type of structure improves the overall stability of the microphone when attached to your iOS’ Lightning connector. The tiny part that goes inside you iOS is located right on the electronic basis of your MV88.

With a design like this, Shure MV88 Mic is compact, easy to use, and has a powerful presence.


When it comes to its features, Shure MV88 condenser mic is a tiny box filled with treasure. Even though almost every feature will potentially affect the sound, let’s first explore the ones that are related to its quality the most.

Our Shure MV88 review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention this is a microphone that has 5 DSP modes that have been preset and can be used in different situations. These modes include the Speech mode, Singing mode, Flat mode, Acoustic mode, and the Instrumental mode. You can tell by their names that the MV 88 is a pretty versatile microphone. Another thing you can understand by knowing its modes is that Shure really focused on optimizing the microphone for each and one of those sound situations. Otherwise, why the effort to create all five of them?

Shure MV88 review

What’s so special about the MV88

What’s special about the Shure MV88 stereo mic is its flexibility when it comes to sound adjustments. You can also control the sound of your microphone through the free MOTIV Audio and MOTIV Video apps that come with it. The MOTIV app will turn especially useful for you in case you want to adjust your EQ, the polar pickup patterns, and the stereo width. There’s definitely something nice about being able to see all the thing the you want to adjust and their alteration on the screen. These two apps will also allow you to make real time alterations to your sound, and you’ll be able to record and share your recorded material in multiple ways.

Of course, just in case there are some wind noises, Shure MV88 also comes equipped with a nice windscreen which you can put over the microphone.

Finally, Shure MV88 Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone works with iPad Air, iPad Air2, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad (fourth generation), iPod touch (fifth generation), and with iPhone 5 and the following versions.


The beautiful, compact Shure MV88 won’t cease to amaze you even when it comes to its overall performance. The microphone will work smoothly and properly execute your commands. It will easily switch from one polar pickup pattern to another and the EQ will perfectly work for all of them. The stereo width also works in accoradance to your preferences. You can accent the sounds you would like accented and neutralize the ones that you need ‘in the back.’

The sound will be of very good quality, which means that it will be clear, rich, and detailed. Unwanted noises will be reduced, and the EQ will help you adjust the sound the way you think will be the best. Furthermore, the windshield will work wonders when you have to move the microphone and create wind noises or when you use the Shure MV88 in windy environments. Whatever the case might be, the sound quality will be preserved.

Tilting or rotating the microphone will also be smooth and easy to do. The screws and the overall construction of the MV88 digital stereo condenser will make sure the microphone doesn’t hang loose above the Lightning connection of your iOS.

Wrapping up the Shure MV88 review

The Shure MV88 microphone will be a delight to have regardless of what you need it for. The microphone comes packed with some interesting features and they all work properly by themselves and combined together.

I would say that Shure MV88 is a microphone well worth its price, even though it is a cheaper microphone. I would say that, taken in consideration Shure’s legacy, the MV88 has the features and quality of some higher-end microphones.

However, it is up to you to think about what the microphone has to offer and whether you like that or not. I hope that this Shure MV88 helped you with that, and I hope that you do end up thinking that Shure MV88 and you are a perfect match. For more option, please read our best condenser microphone under 200 list.

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