JBL Studio 230 Review – Are they good loudspeakers?

There are certain speakers that definitely deserve a spot on your shelf because of their great sound quality and nice appearance. This JBL Studio 230 review is about a pair of bookshelf loudspeakers that have a lot to offer once you hook them with your device of preference. After all, JBL is known for its constant research on speaker sound optimization and is very dedicated to producing those speakers that you’ve always wanted. If you would like to become more familiar with the technology and the idea behind the JBL Studio 230 speakers, I encourage you to spend some time reading this JBL Studio review.


  • Great sound quality
  • They can be very loud
  • Great for music and movies
  • 6.5” PolyPass woofer
  • 1” CMMD Lite tweeter
  • High Definition Imaging waveguide


  • If you’re looking for smaller speakers, you should know that these ones are very big and heavy


Take a look at the JBL Studio 230 bookshelf loudspeakers and be amazed by their beautiful design!

These JBL Studio bookshelf speakers look very elegant and sleek, and yet powerful and smart. There is something about their rounded edges that gives them the power to attract the looks of everyone. Their cabinet is painted in black, and you can notice the black wood look that JBL wanted these speakers to have.

JBL Studio 230 bookshelf loudspeakers

If you are to take a glance at the top of the JBL 230 speakers, you will see that it is finished in black gloss. This black gloss panelling looks very stylish on the speakers, but it makes you think about the way audio gear used to be designed back in the ‘80s. Of course, having speakers that look very modern and take you back into the past at the same time is an interesting combination to have when it comes to their design.

The JBL Studio 230s have their tweeter and woofer finished in silver and matt black. I personally like JBL 230’s colour choices when it comes to these speakers because they do well in accenting the drivers while the cabinet looks beautiful in the background.

With the JBL Studio 230s, you have the option to let them sit on your shelf or at your desk with or without the special grille that comes together with them. This will, of course, depend on your preference. If you want the speakers to sound more discrete, you can put their grilles on. You can, however remove the grilles when you want the speakers to be loud or if you like them better with no grill put on them.


It would’ve been a shame if the beautiful JBL Studio 230 speakers only looked good, but didn’t have what to offer to their users. Luckily, this is not the case when it comes to these speakers, and they do have a lot going on in their cabinet. In fact, with features like these, JBL 230 Studio could easily set the standards for what a mid-range price speaker should offer in terms of its features.

The JBL Studio 230s’ woofer is a 6.5” PolyPlas component of the speakers that goes a long way when it comes to delivering just the right amount of bass while minding the accuracy of the midrange. The PolyPlas driver is designed to minimize the distortion that might occur in the lower frequencies making the bass not only sound powerful, but clear as well. This is important since you wouldn’t want the bass to overtake the entire sound or have a muddy ‘touch’ to it.

More about the JBL Studio 230 specs

The woofer is accompanied by the 1” CMMD Lite tweeter. The CMMD technology that the tweeter was based on is basically an aluminium dome that is sandwiched between two ceramic pieces. This way, the tweeter is very lightweight, but robust enough to sustain the rapid motions caused during the production of the sound. Being designed like this, the tweeter offers you sounds that are natural, accurate, and very detailed. Of course, like the woofer, the tweeter also takes care of the unwanted distortion that can occur in the upper frequencies, and Studio 230 JBL really helped it do its job right.

When JBL Studio 230 review comes to the horn, JBL did a great job when they decided to equip it with a High Definition Imaging waveguide. This waveguide makes sure that the sound has a three-dimensional character with the proper height, depth, and width.

The JBL 230 bookshelf loudspeakers respond to frequencies from 54Hz to 22kHz and has a sensitivity level of 88dB.

jbl studio 230 review


The first thing you’ll notice when you try your Studio 230 JBL bookshelf loudspeakers is their impeccable sound clarity. At their price range, you shouldn’t be expecting anything less but nice, detailed, clear sound. The type that doesn’t hit you too intensely with the upper frequencies, or scare you with some over-the-top bass. Luckily, that is exactly what you get from these speakers.

Second, try to increase their volume and get ready for your neighbours’ visit because the JBL Studio 230s can be very, very loud. What’s great about these speakers—besides from all the things I’ve already mentioned—is that their volume will not affect their sound quality; the speakers will still sound clear and detailed and the bass will be balanced. If this is something that you are into, you will have a blast with these speakers.

Of course, read the Owner’s Manual before you make use of your speakers.

Wrapping up the JBL Studio 230 review

The JBL Studio 230 bookshelf loudspeakers certainly can and will make you happy if you decide to purchase them. Their price is pretty reasonable if you have in mind the great quality of sound and the great overall performance that you’ll enjoy if you buy them.

I personally think that the market is full of good and bad surprises when JBL Studio 230 review comes to bookshelf speakers. Fortunately, your JBL Studio 230 speakers will surprise you for good and the surprise will be good.

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  1. Hello, i’m a music producer, i have these JBL in my studio at home , they look great and i have the quality of o professional sound studio at home ! They sound amazing, i have them jacked up to a Sony amp 75 Wattage. Beautifully designed , clear sounds, immersive music experience all the way! No regrets about purchasing this life changing Speakers !


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