This Shit Comes In Waves – Felly

SOURCE: FELLY A little over a month ago, Felly released “7th King” and along with some news about a new project. Well, that project, This Shit Comes In Waves has been released. It’s his longest project in a long time, having 17 tracks. It features production from Felly himself, his 2273 partner Gyyps, YOG$, Kaytranada, … Continue reading

In the Lab with Felly: TSCIW

SOURCE: HEARTOFTHECITY While in Chicago, Felly hits Private Stock Studio for a session, while Heart of the City was there to ask a few questions. Within the video, you’ll find out the origins of how Felly came to be, plus some sneaks of what could be on his newest project, This Shit Comes In Waves. … Continue reading

Felly Releases New Music & “Pool Party Sessions”

SOURCE: FELNUTS As I stated earlier in the month, 2273 won’t stop. I’ll say it again and again, 2273 won’t stop. A few weeks ago, we received new visuals from Felly, entitled “Don’t Change.” Now we just have a new track, “7th King,” which he produced himself. This track gives off a lil’ jazzy feel … Continue reading

Don’t Change – Felly

SOURCE: FELNUTS 2273 won’t stop. A week ago, Gyyps released his debut Canoga Park EP, now we have brand new visuals from Felly. The new release is titled “Don’t Change” and shows the team having a good time by the water. Directed by Jake Standley and Jack Craymer. Felly is also apparently releasing new music … Continue reading

Candy Flip (Feat. Felly) – Gyyps

SOURCE: FELNUTS Gyyps. You might of not heard of him, or maybe you have. That depends on if you heard of Felly. Off of Felly’s Milk & Sugar, Gyyps produced and was featured on “Disney.” Now, the tables have turned and we have received Gyyps’ first official single, which indeed feature his homie Felly. “Candy … Continue reading

Stay Runnin Feat. D. Brute – Felly

SOURCE: FELLY Felly released a nice little track, entitled “Stay Runnin” featuring D. Brute. As being only 1:30 or so, it still gives off the laid-back vibes you’re used to hearing from him. Along with releasing this, he left a message as well. You can read it below. Enjoy! new old music produced Red Velvet … Continue reading

Cella – Felly

SOURCE: FELNUTS Felly released some creative piece of work over the New Year, the visuals for “Cella”. In my eyes, the video looks as if a ritual went down in Jack Nicholson’s house, you can interpret what went down yourself after watching. Regardless of what you think about this latest release, Felly has grown to … Continue reading

Milk & Sugar – Felly

SOURCE: FELLY. Releasing one of my favorite projects earlier in the year, Waking Up To Sirens, Felly releases a package of new material for you to vibe through. More recently, he’s gained recognition from Complex Mag and Champs Sports. The 12 track project will be sure to have you wondering how you haven’t come across … Continue reading