Stanton T62 Review – Proffesional, yet affordable?

Are you a DJ or have aspirations of becoming one? Are you looking for a professional turntable with an affordable price? If your answer to these questions was a ‘yes,’ I would like to help you find the turntable you want. In this Stanton T62 review I will spend some time introducing you to the Stanton T.62 turntable. Who knows—it might turn out to be just right for you.


  • Noise-cancelling headphones with case included in package
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Great build quality


  • Detachable strobe light always on when powered on

Stanton T62 Review: General Characteristics

Designed after Stanton’s best-selling T.60, the direct-drive T.62 is an upgraded version of its predecessor. That being the case, the turntable keeps the look and qualities of the Stanton T 60. However, the Stanton T.62 offers some more interesting features for its users.

Stanton T62 Stock Photo

When you first look at the Stanton T-62 you get a good first impression. Like the T.60, the Stanton T 62 is a square, black-and-silver, four-footed turntable. It has a height of 5.5 in from its feet to its top with a metal base adding to the turntables weight of 15.5 lbs. With this weight, the Stanton Turntables T 62 is a bit heavier than the usual turntable. However, DJs find this helpful since it keeps the turntable in place during DJing.

Tone arm

The Stanton T62 turntable has a straight tone arm for tracking improvement. The way this works is it enables the needle to follow the record’s groove and not bounce out. The tone arm also has a counterweight that is to be attached on its end to regulate Stanton T.62 needle’s weight.


The Stanton T.62 platter is one made out of metal. I already mentioned that the T.62 is a direct drive turntable. The turntable has no belt to power it, and that is good for both its platter and the record. With this design, the vinyl and the platter are left stable and in place while rotating. Also, having the Stanton turntable T.62 slip mat in between sure helps you have better control when scratching.

To see how fast the platter rotates you will have to take a look at the Stanton turntable T.62 strobe dots. The strobe dots will be moving if the record is playing at a speed different than the platter speed. This will let you know whether your record is rotating faster, slower, or with 33 RPM or 45 RTM.

Buttons and switches

The Stanton T-62 DJ turntable comes with a few switches for different functions and sound effects. Obviously, there is the power switch that comes with a light so you know if it’s on. Then, there are the buttons for choosing the RPM of the turntable. Next to them is the start/stop button to either start or stop the platter’s rotation. There’s also one more startstop switches button in the other corner of the turntable.

The switches on the Stanton T62 turntable are carefully positioned to make DJing easier in the two ways one can use the turntable. They are easily manageable for DJs that prefer mixing in the battle line up position or in its mix position. Basically, you can choose to turn the turntable the way you think works best and feel comfortable using it.

Stanton T.62 properties

Having nice features, the Stanton T.62 offers its users a good experience. One of its best qualities is that the T.62 allows you to play just any vinyl you want to. Then, there is also a pre-mounted Stanton 500.v3 cartridge on its headshell. This cartridge is a popular Stanton cartridge known for its high quality.

Stanton T62 in use

The sound quality of this turntable is one worth mentioning. This turntable’s good s/n ratio makes sure that the effect of the produced background noise affects the sound quality minimally. Furthermore, the THD+N numbers show a low distortion of the live sound waves produced when you’re using the turntable.

The playback speeds available on the Stanton T 62 are the 33 RPM and the 45 RPM. There’s also a pitch control fader that you can move up and down to change the tempo/pitch. The fader lets you make changes within the range of plus or minus 10 percent. The turntable’s both starting and braking times are less than 1 second with 33-1/3 RPM. The Stanton T 62 also takes less than a second to change the rotating speed from 33 RPM to 45 RPM and vice versa.

Additional pieces

The Stanton T 62 has RCA stereo outputs on its back and you also get RCA cables with it. Also, some DJs might sometimes want to take a break from scratching on the turntable. In the meanwhile, they might get really worried about their Stanton T-62 getting dusty. That’s why the T.62 comes with a nice dust cover.

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Wrapping up our Stanton T.62 review

The Stanton T.62 turntable has a lot to offer and has a good price. Record stability and control are really taken into consideration and so is sound quality. The turntable is perfect for DJs both beginners and professional.

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