Shure SM58 Review – A great dynamic mic for singer?

Whether you are a professional or an amateur singer, your singing career could always use a little push, and what is a good way to have that happen if not a good-quality microphone. Having a microphone that sounds professional is a huge plus when it comes to your studio recordings or live performances. A professional microphone is exactly what this Shure SM58 review is about.


  • Specifically designed for vocalists
  • Built-in spherical windshield and pop filter
  • Pneumatic shock mount
  • Extremely sturdy and durable
  • Proximity effect taken in consideration


  • The microphone stand is not the best one out there

We all know that Shure is one of the top producers of audio equipment and that the quality of their products is always guaranteed. For this reason, I’ve decided to review one of their most famous microphone models—the great Shure SM58 dynamic vocal microphone.

Shure SM58 Microphone


Shure’s SM58 is one of the most famous dynamic microphones used by vocalists all over the Globe. That being said, the SM58 is primarily designed for singers, and it offers you the features that will make your life as a singer easier.

The SM58 vocal microphone looks like a standard, handheld dynamic microphone. It has a nice, black body made of metal and later covered with enamel. The body looks silky and  modern, even though its design is pretty simple.

You can read the name of the microphone of top of its handle and below the grill. Shure SM58’s grill is a robust, metal mesh that can withstand shocks that many other microphones might find unbearable. However, due to its design and purpose, SM58’s grill will not fail to amaze you when it comes to how durable it is.

Durability was one of Shure’s major concerns in the case of the Shure SM58. Shure is well known for the high build quality of their microphones. The SM58 vocal mic certainly hold up to those sturdiness standards. That is why all of the components of which this Shure mics is consisted are made of very durable materials. In fact, the microphone has such strong materials and structure that, when tested with a lorry running over it, it was still able to function properly.

This is a great design quality for musicians that have to perform in places that could be violent to the microphone. It is also a great relief when you know that you can transport your Shure SM 58 wherever you want because the materials used for it can handle rough trips.


All the features that the Shure SM58 has really are about your vocal performances. That being said, the SM58 has a cardioid polar pickup pattern that allows the microphone to pick up the sounds that end up on top of its grill and reduce any unwanted background noises. This a great polar pattern when you’re performing live vocals on stage and even when you record in your studio.

Another thing to help you out get the best of your vocal performance is the microphones frequency response that is tailored for vocals. The frequency response of this shure microphone ranges from 50Hz to 15,000Hz. Of course, Shure did this with the purpose of increasing the low frequencies’ floor and brightening the mid range of the microphone.

The frequency range of the SM58 works well with the microphones bass rolloff. The bass rolloff is a feature that helps the microphone minimize the exaggerated bass sounds that can occur when you get too close to the microphone.

Furthermore, the Shure SM58 has an internal spherical win and pop filters. This filter makes sure that the microphone will do its best at eliminating the breathing noise that you produce and minimize those plosives that just don’t sound right when you hear them.

shure sm58 review

It seems like Shure really wanted to make a all-in-one microphone while equipping it with some nice internal components. This being said, the Shure SM58 also has an internal pneumatic shock mount. This shock mount reduces the effects that the handling noises have on your microphone.


Now that you know what the Shure SM58 is all about through getting familiar with its design and features, you will probably want to know how the microphone ‘behaves’ when it’s time to use it. As a vocal performer, you will probably agree that the SM58 does have some nice feature to offer, and you will probably expect the microphone to ‘practice what it preaches.’ Well, you should know that Shure microphones did do all it takes to make those expectations a reality.

There is a nice equilibrium between what you pay for and what you get. The budget SM58 will provide you with the studio-quality sound that it is advertized for. You will hear loud and clear sounds with very reduced background noise, wind noise, and plosives. Your vocals will sound pretty crispy and full, and there will be not that much feedback to complain about. The brightened midrange will really help your vocals stand out from other sounds in your environment, and the SM58 will capture them in detail.

Worry less about getting too close to your microphone because SM58’s bass rolloff works really well too. Also, be ready to perform the way you want with microphone’s high-quality shock mount that really does reduce the unwanted handling noise. Furthermore, the Shure SM58 proves to be very durable when tested for environmental shocks.

Wrapping up the Shure SM58 review

Shure did really well in designing a microphone that will not empty your wallet, but will deliver great sound quality.  When tested, Shure SM58 proves that it delivers very neatly and that it enhances one’s vocal experience.

There is not much to complain about when it comes to this low-cost microphone, and this is due to its nice and sturdy design, great-quality features, and optimal performance. I hope that you came to the same conclusion by reading my review, and I hope that I succeeded in narrowing down your search for microphones by introducing you to the nice Shure SM58. For more options, read our best dynamic microphone article.

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