Mixing & Mastering

mixing and mastering

The form below is for artists who need Mixing and Mastering services for their upcoming projects and/or singles. After filling out the form, you’ll be directed to one of our Mixing and Mastering Engineers who have, collectively, almost 20 years of experience and music education from NYU Steinhardt, Columbia College of Chicago, and The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts. Once you’ve been assigned an Engineer, you’ll be contacted directly.

Mixing and Mastering FAQ 

Q. What is mixing?

A. Mixing is the process of balancing and fitting all elements of the song to create a whole-sounding song. Mixing also involves enhancing and correcting sounds. Most of the post-recording magic happens in this stage.


Q: What is mastering?

A: Mastering is the process of finalizing a song. This includes bringing up the volume to competitive levels, tone adjustments, and assuring the mix sounds great on all playback systems. When mastering albums, this stage also includes the process of fine tuning song transitions.


Q: Will my song sound like the pros?

A: We can only guarantee a significant improvement in your song. The professionalism of the song also depends on the stages before mixing and mastering – composition and recording.


Q: Can you fix my vocals?

A: This depends on the recording quality and the microphone used. We recommend a condenser microphone with a recording done in a low noise or treated environment.


Q: What if I don’t like your mixing/mastering job of my song?

A: We will offer you one re-mix or re-master. If we still can’t satisfy you, we will give you 100% of your money back.


Q: Can I get an opinion before paying for mixing/mastering?

A: Sure! Send your mixdown to your specified engineer and we’ll try to give you our opinion before doing any work.

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