LG SH3K Review – Is this a good sounbar choice?

Finding a proper soundbar and subwoofer for your TV set and the rest of your devices can be a struggle. There are a lot of models available, and many of them promise a lot in terms of sound quality. However, not all models deliver, and you can easily end up with a soundbar and a subwoofer you dislike. If you would like to find out what sparkles the popularity of the LG SH3K duo, keep on reading this LG SH3K review.


  • Good quality of sound
  • Nice bass reproduction
  • Easy to setup
  • Three sound modes
  • Affordable


  • No display


The LG SH3K soundbar and subwoofer were designed to enhance the sound of your devices by making them sound richer.  This LG electronics pair has a nice and elegant design with the two sound enhancers having a black finish. The soundbar comes without a grille that can be attached to it. However, it does look beautiful even without a grille.

LG SH3K soundbar

The LG SH3K soundbar is a pretty long piece of audio gear when compared to other soundbars. This soundbar comes at a length of around 38 inches which you take into consideration before you decide to buy it. Otherwise, the soundbar might not look that good when put next to your devices.

The LG SH3K subwoofer, on the other hand, is about 21.5 inches tall, 7 inches wide, and 10 inches deep. You can put the subwoofer wherever you want to as long as it’s not too far away from the sound bars.

The LG SH3K soundbar system and subwoofer are very easy to setup. You can forget about all the mess that can happen when cables are involved since the subwoofer is wireless.

Aside from the soundbar and the wireless subwoofer, you’ll get some other items packed in the shipping box. More specifically, you’ll get a remote control, an optical cable, batteries, and a wall mount. The buttons on the lg sh3k remote are understandable and large enough for you to see them. Furthermore, the cable, the batteries, and the wall mount are of good quality and are very durable.


The features of the LG SH3K soundbar and subwoofer are decent and appropriate for their price range.

One of the best features of the LG SH3K soundbar and subwoofer is that they’re Bluetooth connectable. You can easily pair them with the device of your preference via Bluetooth and enjoy in the sound they’ll produce. Also, the LG SH3K can automatically turn on once you turn your TV on, and then turn off when you turn off the TV.

The sound bar comes with three available sound modes. You can pick the modes by the help of the shipped remote. The three modes include the voice mode, the cinema mode, and the standard mode. Each of the modes are to be used for different types of sonic events and according to your preferences.

The voice mode is suitable for when you’re watching something with a lot of speaking going on. On the other hand, the cinema mode works great for movies and can make your movie experience a better one. Finally, the standard mode doesn’t really prioritize any particular sounds coming from your device.

lg sh3k review

One way to control the soundbar is by using the remote that you get with it. However, the soundbar can also be controlled by other TV remote. You’ll be able to see which TV remotes the soundbar is compatible with in the user manual.

The soundbar has some simple-to-understand buttons on board as well. There’s a button to power it on and off, and a function button as well. Furthermore, the soundboard also features two volume buttons for turning the volume up and down.

The LG SH3K soundbar has two inputs, the first one being the optical and the second one being the portable input. The soundbar also has an indicator light which shows when it’s turned on or controlled by a remote controls.

The bass level of the subwoofer is not adjustable, but it does sound good and you’ll probably like it. The LG SH3K has a maximum input power of 300 watts.


One thing we absolutely have to mention in this LG SH3K review is this soundbar’s smooth and accurate performance. The soundbar and subwoofer produce sounds which will easily fill your home theater. This means that the sounds that will come out of the LG SH3K will be deep and powerful.

This pair is especially great for the times when you want to listen to music. The sound that you’ll hear will be clear and pretty loud. The bass will be powerful, the mids strong, and the treble will sound warm.

The LG SH3K soundbar and subwoofer can also improve the sound of your TV speakers. The pair does nicely in projecting accurate-sounding dialogues which sound very clear. The TV sound is, of course, much louder and it includes more detail in it.

The LG SH3K is, obviously, a very nice pair of sound bar and subwoofer. However, there is one thing that the pair is missing, and that thing could make it even more attractive for its customers. The feature that the LG SH3K should’ve been made with is a display with all the settings and levels. The LG SH3K would’ve been much simpler and more precise to use if there were visible volume levels and visible settings.

However, we could only hope for its manufacturers to upgrade its design in accordance with our idea. Also, considering the price category in which the LG soundbar SH3K belongs, we cannot really complain about it not having a display. On the contrary—we should be happy that the LG lg sound bar sh3k SH3K is so affordable and yet, so generous when it comes to the sound quality.

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Wrapping up the LG SH3K review

The LG SH3K soundbar and subwoofer pair is currently one of the most demanded sets, and now you know why. If you think that the set could bring more joy to your TV and music life, you could start preparing your home entertainment for the great LG SH3K.

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