Edifier R1700BT Review

If you are looking for speakers that would bring in more volume and warmness to your home, you will probably find this text interesting to read. With so many speakers available for sale today, I wouldn’t blame you if you are a little bit confused about which ones to buy. In today’s Edifier R1700BT review, we will talk about these speakers’ design, features, and performance. This pair of speakers is one of the most popular budget speaker pairs today, and I definitely think that they deserve your attention. If you want to find out why, please, keep on reading this review.


  • Sounds good in its midrange
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • You can connect it to other devices via Bluetooth
  • Offers adjustment to the treble and bass from -6dB to +6dB
  • Comes with a remote control


  • The bass implication is a bit exaggerated

Build and Design

Next up in the Edifier R1700BT review is the speakers’ design. Right off the bat, these bookshelf speaker look very stylish and smart. They have a wooden finish that gives away a beautifully blended glare of red and brown and perfectly matches the black surfaces that are on the speakers as well. The speakers have the shape of an imperfect cuboid, and they are tilted backwards at an 10 degree angle. This helps them deliver the sound directly at you so that you can have the perfect sonic experience.

The wooden finish, on the other hand, balances the smart, edgy, strong look of the black components and surfaces, and it makes the speakers feel more like a part of your home.

Edifier R1700BT Image

The devil is in the details

You can also see that the Edifier R1700BT has these tiny feet that keep them just slightly above ground, and are a nice little detail to the overall personality of the two speakers. Also, it would be inevitable not to notice the edges on their beautiful surface that speak about the confidence behind their beautiful design.

Furthermore, the Edifier R1700BT speaker controls are located on the right side of the right speaker where you can easily reach and use them to adjust the sound. There are three controls on the speaker, and those are the treble, the bass, and the volume control.  They all come as dial buttons and can be easily rotated.

The back of the Edifier R1700BT has a ton of connection ports on your disposal. There are two sets of RCA outputs and the connector to a passive speaker. These include the speakers’ power input and the power switch.

Edifier R1700BT Review: Features

The Edifier R1700BT speakers have some features that are very promising when it comes to their sound quality. For instance, the speakers come with a built-in Digital Signal Processing and Dynamic Range Control which help them lower the distortion of the sound and keep it as nice and clear as possible.

Designed to help the speakers optimize the quality of sound are also the speakers’ three main elements: the tweeter, the bass driver, and the bass port.  The eagle eye tweeter helps the speakers’ sound good when having to deal with the higher frequency treble. The bass driver is designed to get the most of those low, dark frequencies. It also has a reflex port which is basically a tube that is supposed to enhance the bass and make it sound stronger.

Not everything can be entirely perfect, though

Of course, not every adjustment to the sound fits nicely in every situation. For this reason you have the advantage of using the already mentioned sound controls on the side of the right speaker. That being said, you can adjust your treble in the range from -6dB to +6dB if there is need for that. The same adjustment range can be applied to the bass, and you can turn the dial from -6dB to +6dB to cut on it or give it boost.

The next feature that the Edifier R1700BT speakers have to offer to you is their ways of connecting to other devices. First of all, these speakers can be paired with every device that uses Bluetooth. This includes computers and smartphones that run on Windows, iOS, Android, or MacOS.

edifier r1700bt review

However, if you prefer to hook your speakers with a device using a cable or if the device doesn’t offer the option for Bluetooth connection, you have plenty of ports at your disposal. The speakers also come with all the cables that you’ll need to connect to a device: a RCA to RCA, a 3.5mm to RCA, and one speaker cable.


The Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Speaker will sound nice for the low-cost speakers that they are. They are the most effective when it comes to their midrange since when having to work with the really high or the really low frequencies they sound somewhat thin or muddy. However, they don’t sound way too thin or way too muddy, and I believe that they are worth the forgiveness when you take into account that they come at a very affordable price.

So, if you sum it all up, this Edifier speakers will sound very warm, clear, and detailed, and with a decent emphasis on the treble and the bass when necessary. However, the bass can often be exaggerated, and even if you try to adjust it and decrease its presence, you will most likely end up realizing that it is still around more than it should be. Again, the R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers do sound nice and will deliver you that warm, clear sound that you want regardless of the bass being a bit stronger than it should.

Wrapping up the Edifier R1700BT review

The Edifier R1700BT speakers offer some nice features that get along very well with their price, and this is the reason behind their popularity. After all, people wouldn’t have been buying them if they made no sense whatsoever. You now know what these speakers are all about, so if you feel like they deserve a spot on your shelf, you might want to listen to that feeling and consider purchasing them. For cheaper options, take a look at our reviews of bookshelf speakers under $100.

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