AudioFrost Exclusive: Working On It EP – Jizza Raw

  SOURCE: Jizza Raw Born and raised in Chester, Pennsylvania, Jizza Raw has had quite the come-up as you’d probably expect. Grinding from his Uncle’s basement studio in West Philadelphia, Jizza Raw is making  the most of every opportunity he’s given and turning venues upside down during every performance! Today, he’s celebrating the 4/20 holiday (as I’m sure … Continue reading

AudioFrost Exclusive: Bricks (Prod. Kilconfirmed) – Kev Rodgers

   SOURCE: Kev Rodgers The SouthSide of Jersey has DEFINITELY been working to earn it’s spot on the map over this past year and it’s all thanks to guys like Charlie Heat, Mir Fontane, Ish Williams, Ant Beale and 21 year old rapper/producer, Kev Rodgers. Today, Kev blesses us with the exclusive premiere of “Bricks” … Continue reading

Out of Many…One: The Life Of Pablo

BUZZ*WORDS: Schizophrenic, Honest, Pornographic, Religious, Glorious Right around the time Kanye’s sixth solo album was due to come out, the musical trailblazer and Chicago native said that his biggest inspiration for his new work was an obscenely expensive Le Corbusier lamp. Kanye claimed that it was a fascinating piece of furniture because when it was … Continue reading Presents: Eddie Madrid LIVE @ Ethik Clothing Co.

Last month we were approached by freelance publicist, Jonathon Wigfall who presented us with the opportunity to co-sponsor his event, You Aint Got No Job, hosted at Ethik Clothing Co. on South Street in Philadelphia. The event was a complete success, with each and every artist bringing a high dosage of energy to this small … Continue reading

Travis Scott’s ‘Rodeo’: Pre-packaged & Processed

We live in a time when all too often the trailers are better than the movies. Books are strategically bundled together in series and only hit the shelves after extensive marketing campaigns. These same books and movies are critically acclaimed and labelled as New York Times Bestsellers before they even appear on neighbourhood screens or … Continue reading

157 – Natural

SOURCE: SUBMISSIONS Natural‘s latest project 157 is both dreamy and haunting. The sounds alternate between serene jingles and hums and more ghastly, churning synths – coming together in a sound that can be best described as ethereal. Natural employs chopped and screwed techniques and meshes these with carefully placed vocal samples to create a dynamic soundscape. As … Continue reading

Boyfriend – DENNY

SOURCE: SUBMISSIONS Ferris Bueller’s day off. David Bowie. Rod Stewart. Drive in movie theatres. These are the buzzwords that come to mind when listening to “Boyfriend”. “DENNY is what it feels like to be 23 and not know what’s next” explain the members of the outfit which hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The group expresses their … Continue reading

Collect Call: Sanctuary

Life and art are inextricable. Life fuels art, providing inspiration and purpose to every stroke of a paintbrush and every word that is inked by an author. In the same vein, art offers a glimpse into one’s reactions to his or her life experiences. They mirror each other – so it comes with no surprise … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Ragga Bomb (Bass Craft Re-Remix) – Skrillex Feat. Ragga Twins

Late March, we had received a remix of “Swagga” from an artist named Bass Craft. Last week he pushed out another track, his and CLCKTWR’s remix of “Bassline Skanka.” Over the course of the last month or so, Bass Craft has been traveling around between New York to Miami, all to perform. Throughout his sets, … Continue reading