Black Milk (Mixtape) + Interview – Miles Keller

SOURCE: SUBMISSION The first time I was introduced to the name Miles Keller was about a year or two ago through a mutual friend at Lower Merion High School. At first, I wasn’t feeding into the “high school rapper” hype. After Black Milk’s release, I let go of my judgment and came to realize that … Continue reading

Shad is Selected as New Host of CBC’s “Q”

SOURCE: GLOBE & MAIL After Jian Ghomeshi’s controversial exit as host of Arts & Culture show “Q”, CBC went on an extensive interviewing process to find Mr. Ghomeshis replacement as show anchor. This week, the CBC has announced that it has selected Juno award winner and Polaris nominated Canadian rapper Shad to play the part. … Continue reading

Introducing… AJ Suede – Underground Hip-Hop’s Next Dual Threat

When I first met AJ Suede, I was in my apartment on the Lower East Side of NYC. He walked in with my roommate and one of his friends. Immediately after introducing himself, he said, “so you’re the rapper?” Immediately after I confirmed that I was, he challenged me to a cypher. I went to the first instrumental … Continue reading

Introducing Menomena… a band who has been around and will stay around

Menomena hasn’t released a single in four years and hasn’t dropped an album in two. Their songwriting method is described as, “painstaking cut-and-paste,” as members Justin Harris and Danny Seim “[contribute], then [vanish], only to return later to add more.” However, that doesn’t explain why this indie trio-turned–duo is still relevant. After nearly a decade and a half of … Continue reading

Introducing Little Comets… an indie rock band with something to say

Little Comets is a British post-punk indie rock band that formed in 2008 and has been steadily producing music since. Often compared to Vampire Weekend, their music has been well received both through their EP’s and LP’s and in concert. Their first single, ‘One Night in October,’ debuted at number 3 on the independent charts, … Continue reading

Introducing… Perfect Pussy – a band that exemplifies the spirit of “my body my rules”

Their music is hardcore punk, their shows are known to be raucous and, in a special release of their début album, the lead singer added her own blood to each LP. Perfect Pussy might initially turns heads because of their name, but there is certainly more to this fake-band-turned-real than that. Created by Meredith Graves … Continue reading

Introducing… the Eagulls – a British punk band that doesn’t care what you think

In true punk form, before the release of their first album, the Eagulls, composed of five members: Liam Matthews, Mark Goldsworthy, George Mitchell, Henry Ruddel, and Tom Kelly, had already made a name for themselves as a group that had no problem making noise. The five-man British punk group, which formed in 2010 in Leeds, England, have … Continue reading

Introducing… The Jai Paul Enigma (Or, The Enigma That is Jai Paul)

The history of the pop/electronic/pop-electronic artist Jai Paul isn’t very extensive.  Besides three intermittently released singles that dropped between 2007-2012, the London-based producer hasn’t put out anything official.  With no full mixtapes, EPs or albums, there shouldn’t be much intrigue about him. Yet there is. A lot, in fact. Jai Paul’s first demo, BTSTU (heads up, NSFW … Continue reading