Out of Many…One: The Life Of Pablo

BUZZ*WORDS: Schizophrenic, Honest, Pornographic, Religious, Glorious Right around the time Kanye’s sixth solo album was due to come out, the musical trailblazer and Chicago native said that his biggest inspiration for his new work was an obscenely expensive Le Corbusier lamp. Kanye claimed that it was a fascinating piece of furniture because when it was … Continue reading

10 Rappers Who Unoriginally Referenced Spalding in Their Raps

It’s common knowledge that many rappers use similar references in their music. I am 21 years old and I can honestly say my first exposure to Maybach, Bugatti, Rolex, and even the lifestyle in the Los Angeles hills were from rap music. One of the first things rappers like doing when they make money is … Continue reading

Travis Scott’s ‘Rodeo’: Pre-packaged & Processed

We live in a time when all too often the trailers are better than the movies. Books are strategically bundled together in series and only hit the shelves after extensive marketing campaigns. These same books and movies are critically acclaimed and labelled as New York Times Bestsellers before they even appear on neighbourhood screens or … Continue reading

Gesaffelstein, Is A New Album On the Way?

He collaborated with Kanye West on Yeezus, co-producing “Black Skinhead” and “Send It Up”. After Gesaffelstein’s Aleph released in 2013, he took the beautifully sounding album around the world as a live show in 2014. With that tour ending, his fans didn’t know what to expect afterwards. He was announced to play at Coachella 2015. … Continue reading

Collect Call: Sanctuary

Life and art are inextricable. Life fuels art, providing inspiration and purpose to every stroke of a paintbrush and every word that is inked by an author. In the same vein, art offers a glimpse into one’s reactions to his or her life experiences. They mirror each other – so it comes with no surprise … Continue reading

But a Rapper with a Ghostwriter? What the F*ck Happened?: Why Drake’s Ghostwriting Controversy Matters So Much

If you haven’t heard yet, Drake was recently aired out by Meek Mill on twitter for allegedly using ghostwriters, including on Meek’s track, “R.I.C.O.,” from his recently released album, Dreams Worth More Than Money. While the internet goes crazy with criticisms and support and the two feud via diss tracks, I figured I’d take a few moments out to explain not only … Continue reading

How It Never Was (Mixtape) + South St. Meet&Greet – Kur

SOURCE: KUR Last night we tweeted live from Kur’s How It Never Was Meet&Greet at Status on South Street in Philadelphia, and believe me, it was LIVE! There was no shame to be had in the room, as a large group of 17-35 year old males got DOWN to everything from tracks off the new tape … Continue reading

Of Course It’s A Good Album…But Maybe…

“Of course…but maybe…” is the title of a skit that Louis CK performed during his “Oh My God” comedy tour special. The bit depicts an angel vs devil conflict. CK would set up an obvious fact, maintaining that “of course it is true”. Mr. CK would then propose an alternate situation, on behalf of the … Continue reading

Listen Closely: The Double Meaning of ‘All Day’

Swimming Pools (Drank) was a terrific record. Kendrick told his story of childhood surrounded by alcohol abuse and vicious cycles of addiction. The production was very fitting: the bass was deep moving, creating an almost underwater-like atmosphere as if the listener was drowning in a “pool full of liquor”. T-Minus’ drums seemed to violently wake … Continue reading

Shad is Selected as New Host of CBC’s “Q”

SOURCE: GLOBE & MAIL After Jian Ghomeshi’s controversial exit as host of Arts & Culture show “Q”, CBC went on an extensive interviewing process to find Mr. Ghomeshis replacement as show anchor. This week, the CBC has announced that it has selected Juno award winner and Polaris nominated Canadian rapper Shad to play the part. … Continue reading