CAD U37 Review – A great condenser microphone?

If you’ve been thinking about stepping up your game as a musician or a gamer, or are interested in buying a great condenser microphone that won’t drain your wallet, you might’ve been looking for recommendations on the best condenser microphones. The CAD U37 is definitely one of the more popular options on the market, and its reputation is a well-earned one. Let’s dive into our CAD U37 review and help you figure out whether it’s for you.


  • 10dB overload protection switch
  • Bass rolloff switch
  • You can use it with vocals or instruments
  • Great studio sound quality
  • Uses a USB cable to connect your Windows or Macintosh PC


  • This microphone doesn’t offer the option for real time monitoring


The CAD U37 is a cardioid condenser microphone with a nice emphasis on its design. Its creators were aware that beautifully-designed objects will capture people’s attention and decided to put some thought into the microphone’s aesthetics.

CAD U37 microphone

It is hard not to notice a condenser that looks as pretty as the CAD U37. Its metal body that is wider in the upper part and more narrow in the lower one looks really sleek and adventurous. The chassis has a shine that gives the entire microphone a professional and good-quality vibe. It’s cut at just the right spot giving it its interesting edgy shape and a modern tone. My personal favorite is the red CAD U37, but if red is not your thing, you’ll certainly find a microphone with a color that you like since CAD sells it in multiple colors.

The chassis holds the CAD U37 beautiful metal grille like in an ice cream cone. The grille is pretty large and its color varies to better fit the one of the chassis. There is also a nice plastic piece that encircles both the chassis and the grille and give the microphone a nice final-touch like characteristic.

The bass rolloff and the overload protection switches are located on the front side of the microphone and are easily accessible. Above them, there’s the CAD U37 LED light to indicate when the microphone is turned on. You can plug in the large USB cable that comes  with the microphone on its bottom part.

The CAD U37 condenser microphone is pretty robust and damage-resistant. Both its inner and outer components are high-quality ones and will endure rough treatment and handling.

CAD U37 review: Features

As I already mentioned, the CAD U37 is a condenser microphone, and it is known that condenser microphones tend to offer better sound quality than the dynamic ones. However, the CAD U37 is a very sensitive condenser microphone. Its large diaphragm helps it pick up the surrounding sounds very efficiently and with great detail.

Furthermore, its cardioid pick up pattern makes it easy for the microphone to be sensitive to only those sounds that come at its front. In addition, it helps neglect the rest of the sounds. That includes the background noises that you don’t want on your audio recording.

CAD U37’s extended frequency response also goes a long to deliver that studio quality sound that will fascinate you. The two switches on the CAD U37 can really adjust your microphone according to your preferences and the specifications of the sound source in question.

More about the CAD U37

If you are an instrumentalist or are about to use the microphone with an instrument, the -10dB overload protection switch will help your microphone to minimizes distortion coming from your loud instrument. You can also use this switch if you are a vocalist to make your sound come out smoother and richer.

cad u37 review

Moreover, you can use the bass roloff switch if you want to eliminate the background noise in your recording environment. The switch will make your CAD U37 focus on the sounds that have higher frequencies. Moreover, it will isolate your source of sound from all the unwanted noises.

CAD U37 comes to you ready to be connected to your Windows or Macintosh PC. It is very easy to  connect the microphone with any of your devices since it doesn’t require any software installation before you start to use it. Just plug it into your device, mount it on its desktop stand, and your CAD U37 will be all set.


The nest thing we need to talk about in this CAD U37 review is performance. This is a microphone from which you will expect a lot and you will be right in feeling that way. Once you understand about the great features that this studio-quality microphone has to offer, you cannot be satisfied with hearing just some okay sound when using it. I will go a step ahead of you and tell you that your CAD U37 will most definitely stand to your expectations.

The robust body of the microphone will endure almost every handling accident and protect the microphones components from damage. The -10dB overload protection switch and the bass-rolloff switch will not fail you in your efforts to adjust your microphones sensitivity to different frequencies without making it sound bad. The microphone will sound great when sensitive to sounds in the upper and the lower frequency range. The cardioid pickup pattern will accent your vocals or instruments properly while not allowing the microphone to pick up noises from the recording environment. The diaphragm will work properly and keep the microphone sensitive to all kinds of sounds for many years to come. Most importantly, sound quality will also remain intact no matter the device that you connected it with.

All in all, you are guaranteed a studio-quality sonic experience with the CAD U37 really delivering you the warm, rich, and detailed sound that you always wished for.

Wrapping up the CAD U37 review

The CAD U37 is a nice tool for you if you are into microphones that are very sensitive. In addition, it can deliver a crisp sound for both vocalists and instrumentalists. In addition, the microphone will also be a good option for you if you mind the design as much as you mind the quality of sound.

CAD U37 represents a real 3-in-1 combination of a nice design, features, and performance. You will see a lot of microphones that will lose of sound quality and overall performance so that they can gain on their design. However, this is not the case of the CAD U37, and with this microphone you’ll be able to have ‘the whole package.’

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