Audio Technica LP60 Review – Quality and Features

Budget turntables are an attractive option for many audiophiles and entry-level performers. Them being the cheaper alternative doesn’t mean that they don’t deliver fine. On the contrary—there are many low cost turntables that offer some decent sound features and quality – you can learn more about these in our best turntables under $200 article. In our Audio Technica LP60 review, we take a look at one of those cheaper turntables that has a good set of features to offer its users. Let’s take a deeper look at this stereo turntable, and talk about its design, features, and performance quality.


  • Very good price
  • Good overall quality
  • Built-in preamp
  • A fully automatic turntable


  • The cartridge is fixed and cannot be removed

Design specifics

Audio Technica LP60 ReviewAt first glance, you can notice that the Audio Technica LP60 is a nicely designed, rectangular turntable. The design is a fine blend of good aesthetics, endurance, and vibration minimization strategies. LP60 turntable comes in a few colours, but the most popular one is the silver one. You can also see that there are these tiny round feet holding her plinth. Furthermore, you can spot the protective dust cover that looks like a lid attached to the turntable’s base.

If you are still looking at the Audio Technica LP60, you will see that its plinth has a metallic shine to it giving the turntable a modern and rich look. The plinth’s middle is the place reserved for the turntable die-cast platter and your vinyl. The platter isn’t all alone in the middle of the LP60, but it holds a nice, protective slip mat. The mat has two usable sides, one of which is completely black and another one that has a big Audio Technica logo on it. You can place the mat on the platter making whichever of its sides being the top one.

Let’s get into details

On the platter, there is a belt groove and a belt that is in it. The Audio Technica LP60 is, as you’ve already figured out, a belt driven turntable. That being said, the turntable is primarily manufactured for the folks who want to enjoy the sounds of their vinyl.

A more discrete Audio Technica logo written in smaller letters is also visible on the turntable’s front. On its left, there’s the Speed button that can be used for choosing the record speeds available on this turntable. The Start button and Stop button are on this logo’s right.

The Audio Technica ATLP60 is designed as a fully automatic turntable.  It has a straight tone arm with a pre-installed cartridge and stylus. The turntable is thought out as a device that can easily be connected to other devices and there are outlets on its back to support this intention.

What the features are

The Audio Technica LP60 comes with some nice features for a level turntables of its price. As we already mentioned, this is not a direct drive turntable, but a belt-drive motor turntable which makes it suitable for audiophiles. The belt-drive motor makes sure the platter holds a stable rotational position while at the same time not causing vibration.

This turntable’s has a straight, fully-automatic tone arm with an already attached Integral Dual Magnet Phono Cartridge to it. The magnetic cartridge is known to be of good quality, but it cannot be replaced because the tone arm is fixed to the headshell, and the headshell itself is not detachable. You can, however replace the stylus once there’s a need for that.

The turntable doesn’t have an anti-skating system nor an adjustable tone arm weight. These features turn out to be pretty helpful for the vinyl lovers who just want to put on a record and relax.

The AudioTechnicas ATLP60 is a turntable that can play vinyl in two speeds: 33 and 45 RPM records. You can choose the speeds by pressing the Speed button.

To connecting the turntable to an outside device like an audio system or powered speakers, you can use the built-in switchable phono preamp and the RCA cables.

The Audio Technica ATLP60 turntable has a die-cast platter made of aluminium to prevent the creation of vibration. Also, it’s feet are made of rubber belt serving to the low-vibration cause as well. The turntable is pretty lightweight with a weight of only 6.6 pounds.

On performance

Audio Technica LP60Being a fully automatic turntable, the Audio Technica LP60 has a nicely synchronized  overall performance. Every outside component works pretty well together with the rest. The turntable’s tone arm will gently and precisely go from resting into playing position and go back to rest when the record players stops playing. Its already established equilibrium will result in a fine vinyl tracking forces with just the right amount of pressure on the record.

On the other hand, the belt will keep the speed of the record consistent. That way, you will be able to enjoy your music to its fullest.

Of course, turntables are audio devices, so decent sound quality is what matters the most. Of course, the Audio Technica LP60’s main components are very synchronized, and they produce a good sound at the end. Also, the good quality cartridge in this price range that is pre-installed on the arm will take care of transforming the kinetic motion of the nice stylus and the record into solid electrical signals. Furthermore, the decent preamp will decently enhance the sound while you listen to your favourite vinyl recordings. Finally, your Audio Technica ATLP60 will give you a nice overall listening experience some good-quality sonic elements.

Wrapping up the Audio Technica LP60 review

You’ve now read the features that the Audio Technica LP60 is equipped with and have more information that will help you decide whether this is the right turntable for you.

As you can see, the LP60 is a nice budget turntable. It does have the standard turntable features for a turntable in its price range, and the features are related to decent-quality components.

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There is the nice fully automatic tone arm with a good cartridge model attached to it.  Then, there’s also the belt-drive motor, the two standard record speeds, and the nice accessories. Of course, this all leads to the nice sound elements produced by the turntable. With all of this taken into account, one could argue that the Audio Technica LP60 is indeed a desirable turntable for many vinyl lovers out there. You may also want to check out our project debut carbon review here and if you want other turntable from Audio Technica you may want to consider ATLP120 turntable USB cable.

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