Mac Miller Makes ‘GO:OD AM’ Available Via NPR Stream

Mac Miller GOOD AM


Before artists release their albums they usually build hype for the project by dropping singles, sharing the album cover, and unveiling the tracklist. This often happens slowly, step-by-step, but how many artists randomly decide to drop their album before it’s scheduled date? Last night at 8:22pm Mac Miller [@MacMiller] tweeted, “Midnight ET.” Thirty minutes later Mac Instagram’d a photo of Macy Gray from the 2001 VMA Awards, wearing her “My New Album Drops Sept. 18, 2001” dress, because Mr. Miller’s album is set to drop that same day this year. He topped the post off with the caption, “Just so everybody knows.”

With Mac’s earlier tweet I thought he might have been phoning home at Midnight or something but, fortunately for us, that wasn’t the case. At 12:03am EST, NPR Music shared Mac Miller’s ‘GO:OD AM’ album with the ability to stream. We received the ‘GO:OD AM’ tracklist this past Thursday and have been blessed with the singles “100 Grandkids,” “Break The Law,” and “Clubhouse.” The project’s singles seemed to be doing a great job of stirring up buzz, so why did Mac decide 5 days before Release Day that he wants us to hear the whole selection for free?

Mac’s first tweet after sharing the album was. “I’m listening to the album drinking Henny in a cashmere sweatsuit with two Cuban links on. We won.” If only we could all enjoy the album in that same fashion! (Ugh… It must be nice!)

Earlier this year, while stirring the pot with Birdman, Tyga decided to do a surprise release of his album ‘The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty’ via Spotify. The album became available for purchase on iTunes a few days later but only sold 2,200 copies its first week. Will this “First Listen” hurt Mac Miller’s first week sales? Sound off in the comments section below and head on over to NPR to give the album a listen!

First Listen: Mac Miller, ‘GO:OD AM’

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