Exclusive: Audio Frost x Reese Rel Interview

The city of Philadelphia comes with an almost endless supply of Hip-Hop and youth, and with a camera and some microphones, I’m fortunate enough to be able to tap into that catalogue. Sure, there’s another rapper on every other block, but there are a few that are really doing it right and as a journalist it’s my responsibility to keep my eyes peeled and my ears open, while using AudioFrost as a means for sharing these discovered talents. When I come across these young cats who make dope music, it’s about recognizing; recognizing that most of these guys are right around my age, just doing what they can to make a way for themselves with a pen and a microphone that’s just slightly different than my own. So in that sense, we’re really not that different from each other and success is hard to come by without support, so it’s important to show the same love that you’d like to receive in return.

Shout out to Reese Rel and the music he’s making. He’s doing a great job of expanding on the definition of “Philly rap”. Take some time to run through his SoundCloud portfolio and make sure to grab his latest single “Back 2 Back” on iTunes! This is just the beginning of what I hope to be a long series of Philly/Tri-State interviews so stay tuned for plenty more in the future! If you’re not familiar with Philly rap, I’m about to bring it to you one artist at a time.


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