Round Whippin – A. Chal



The lyrics of A Chal’s latest single Round Whippin perfectly describe the mood and atmosphere of the song: “Four am driving in Rodeo/We out here doing donuts like tornadoes”. The song is nighttime driving music at its finest – whether you really are cruising down La Brea in the middle of the night or even if you live in another city and change the street name to one of your own. The song starts off with a choral sample and a chopped up screaming vocal sound effect cutting in and out every so often. The energy builds and and the full bliss of the song is unleashed as A. Chal’s layered vocals appear over a moving bass. Throughout the song vocals are pitched up and down creating a sound that mimics tires screeching – a fitting sound for the songs’ title and theme. Together, the smooth yet thumping production, along with A. Chal’s peaceful melodies, create an almost religious experience. Check out the song below and stay tuned for more music from this exciting Los Angeles based producer and singer-songwriter.

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