Gesaffelstein, Is A New Album On the Way?


He collaborated with Kanye West on Yeezus, co-producing “Black Skinhead” and “Send It Up”. After Gesaffelstein’s Aleph released in 2013, he took the beautifully sounding album around the world as a live show in 2014. With that tour ending, his fans didn’t know what to expect afterwards. He was announced to play at Coachella 2015. Along with that announcement, he stated that Coachella would be his last live show. Since then, things have been pretty quiet from him. That is until a few weeks ago.

On his Facebook, he cleared the entire page, only to have a link posted to his website, On the site, it’s nothing but a countdown and some very creepy sounds. The countdown ends on September 11, 2015, which falls on a Friday, and the Music Industry switched Global Release Day from Tuesdays to Fridays. This sent his fans into a frenzy, hence wondering, “what the hell is going on?”. So, the obvious conclusion, is there a new album on the way? Everyone and sure hopes so.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 3.06.04 PMThen today, boom. A new post, containing the picture below.


Once again, sending his fans into a frenzy, but they’re loving it. It’s like they know something big is on the way. Is there a new album on the way? Is it just a tease for something bigger, a new setup and tour, perhaps? Maybe. Only the man himself knows what he has in mind. The rest of us, his fans, will have to wait until September 11th. Unless he decides to drop the ball and give us more hints…who knows. But yeah, we’re gonna have to wait.

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  1. […] was at Coachella in April, which is reportedly his last live show. As of lately, he’s been slowly dropping hints to something new. Is this apart of those hints? We won’t know due to it being unofficial, but […]

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