Ghostface Killah Rips Action Bronson, Bronson Apologizes

alife-sessions-presents-badbadnotgood-ghostface-killah-0SOURCE: THE SOURCE

During Action Bronson’s stop at ESPN’s Sportsnation, the hosts brought up what anyone would bring up in a conversation with him: Ghostface Killah. After discussing their similarities, in trying to separate the two, Bronson stepped on Ghostface’s lyrics, claiming that “[Ghostface] isn’t rapping like [Bronson] anymore.” The result? A shocked reaction from the hosts and the internet alike. Eventually, the news made it back to Ghostface who responded with a 6-minute video threatening Bronson.

Of course, Bronson ended up apologizing.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 5.34.41 PMCheck out the video that started it all below and check back for more on their pending conflict. For now, it looks like Ghostface still isn’t okay with his soundalike.

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