Miguel Says He Makes “Better Music” Than Frank Ocean

screen-shot-2015-07-06-at-12-42-55-pmSOURCE: THE SUNDAY TIMES

2012 saw the rise of several of today’s biggest names in music. In the rap world, Kendrick Lamar released his critically acclaimed début, g.o.o.d Kid m.A.A.d city. In the R&B world, Frank Ocean released his Grammy award-winning début, Channel Orange, as well as Miguel releasing his own critically acclaimed Kaleidoscope Dream. The two solo efforts shared airwaves throughout the rest of the year, with tracks including Miguel’s hit single, “How Many Drinks?” which saw a feature with Kendrick Lamar, and Frank Ocean’s summer anthem “Sweet Life.” So, it was only natural that people eventually drew comparisons between the two. Three years later, the two R&B singer-songwriters are back at it again with their sophomore albums, with Miguel releasing Wildheart in late June and Frank Ocean prepping his release for Boys Don’t Cry, which is set to drop this July. In the midst of competition, Miguel told The Sunday Times that he “genuinely thinks [he] makes better music than Frank Ocean.” To us, something like that seems subjective but his statement has made headlines across the blogosphere. It’ll be interesting to see how Ocean responds with Boys Don’t Cry later this month. Hopefully more competition just means better music for us. Capitalism at its finest. Read the rest of the interview with Miguel and The Sunday Times here and express your opinions in the comments below,

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