The Hangover (Album Cover & Track List) – Obie Trice

obie-trice-the-hangover-680x680SOURCE: HIPHOP-N-MORE

Obie Trice will release his long-awaited LP, The Hangover, on August 7th. Now, a month and a half before the official release date, Trice releases the album artwork and track listing for his upcoming solo effort. Features include Estelle, Young Buck, J-Nutty, and more. Peep the artwork above, the track list below, and pickup The Hangover on August 7th or pre-order it here.

The Hangover (Tracklist)

1. Intro
2. Chuuuurch
3. Bruh Bruh
4. Obie’s Tidal
5. So High (Feat. Drey Skonie)
6. Good Girls
7. Dealer (Feat. Young Buck & Tone Tone)
8. GMA (The Speech)
9. So Long (Feat. Gwenation)
10. P8tience (Feat. P8tience)
11. Same S**t (Feat. Young Zeether)
12. Detroit State of Mind (Feat. J-Nutty)
13. Bang
14. I’m Home (Feat. Estelle)

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