Felly Releases New Music & “Pool Party Sessions”


As I stated earlier in the month, 2273 won’t stop. I’ll say it again and again, 2273 won’t stop. A few weeks ago, we received new visuals from Felly, entitled “Don’t Change.” Now we just have a new track, “7th King,” which he produced himself. This track gives off a lil’ jazzy feel to it, something new, but still awesome coming from him. Along with the new release, Felly let loose the next Felcam. This could serve as show recaps from the recent shows he’s been apart of out west. Stay tuned for more news regarding his next project. For now, enjoy!

BONUS: Felly also released a track last week, which I completely forgot to cover. Sorry guys. It also furthers my case that 2273 won’t stop. Anyway, enjoy!

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  1. […] little over a month ago, Felly released “7th King” and along with some news about a new project. Well, that project, This Shit Comes In Waves has been […]

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