Lil Durk’s Philadelphia Show Canceled After Random Attack

Tonight, I had plans to attend the Lil Durk show at Voltage Lounge on 7th Street in Philadelphia, PA. It was supposed to be a scheduling for Durk to perform material from his recent debut album drop, Remember My Name. Instead, when I arrived, (doors were scheduled to open at 7pm), I waited in line for about 15 minutes before the crowd began to clear out and the Lounge and its security announced that the show was cancelled.

I spoke to another member of the crowd who had a GoPro camera with him. What he showed me next was video footage, from 30 minutes prior, of a group of approximately 10-14 black males who hopped out of a white Hummer stretch limo asking “Where is Durk?!” before proceeding to brawl and assault multiple fans from the line outside Voltage. By the time I had arrived, there was only blood spots on the sidewalk and street left as evidence. From what I’ve gathered, it seems to have been a cancellation on Durk’s part, as a safety precaution. We saw the assailants’ limo stopped by multiple police vehicles a few blocks away.

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