Spotify Launches Video, New Playlists, and More

6a00d83451b36c69e2017c324894d7970bSOURCE: CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

At an event in New York City on Wednesday, May 20th, Spotify announces three new features, including video, customized playlists, and podcasts. The announcement comes on the hinges of Spotify’s recent partnership with Starbucks, which will grant 7,000 Starbucks locations with premium accounts.


The first feature, “Shows,” grants UK, US, Germany, and Sweden users access to on-demand video streaming. Video streaming includes programs from BBC, ESPN, Vice News, Adult Swim, and TED. Podcasts are additionally included in the “Shows” section. The second feature, “Now,” is a revamped playlist section that helps the user choose specific playlists for the time of day and occasion. In essence, it’s a more refined Songza. The last feature, “Running,” chooses songs to play based on your heart beat by using the accelerometer in your phone. Check out Spotify’s ads for the new features below.

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