AudioFrost’s Staff Picks: April 2015

Audio Frost Staff Pick- March 2015

AudioFrost’s favorite songs from April 2015.

Tim: “Gimme All Your Love” – Alabama Shakes

“Gimme All Your Love,” the fifth track on Alabama Shakes’ outstanding sophomore album, Sound and Color, delivers on a dizzying number of levels within its four-minute timespan. The song begins with punches of layered guitars, bass, and snare that erupt amid a soulful, slow instrumental that takes its time to introduce lead singer Brittany Howard. Howard timidly sings in a falsetto, suggesting that the song’s love interest spend some time with her before exploding into a chorus that boldly shows off the sheer power held in her vocal chords. The choruses and verses are polar opposites, yet they seamlessly play off each other until the song completely drops off into silence after the second wailing go-around.

After a few noiseless beats, Howard strums a short, sweet melody on her guitar which then slams into a jam session, complete with the guitars and soulful organ volleying back and forth over a grooving bassline and heavy drum pattern. Howard comes back to howl the chorus over the newfound tempo before the song slows back down to its original molasses pace and ends as abruptly as it began. Once your head stops spinning, all you can do is stare off into space and accept the fact that Alabama Shakes have created something terrifyingly beautiful that will maintain its power for years to come.

Aleksis: “Heaven Only Knows (feat. Chance the Rapper & Eryn Allen Kane) ” – Towkio

Every darker day has a bright light at the end of it. That goes for music as well, every city that has it’s dark and gritty jams, has their fair share of soulful tunes. Chicago’s Towkio is that bright light. With “Heaven Only Knows,” Lido creates the soulful production, Eryn Allen Kane provides beautiful background vocals, while both Towkio and Chance do their thing with the verses. Upon the release of “Heaven Only Knows,” .Wav Theory, only felt like a dream, but after hearing it, it gave the fans hope that the release of the long-awaited tape would happen. Even Chance himself said “Ay yo, why you about to have the hottest tape of 2015? It’s stupid

This song is already so hot, I’m actually just glad you let me rap on that bitch.” Listen to .Wav Theory here.

Yakov: “Cause I’m a Man” – Tame Impala

If I were to describe Tame Impala’s latest single, “Cause I’m a Man”, I would put it this way: It’s something between the feeling someone must experience when they find the treasure at the end of a rainbow and the surreality of an out of body experience. This ethereal quality makes this single my pick for song of April, 2015.

The songs’ instrumentation is decorated with reverb and flanger effects – but these are never disconcerting. Instead, they enrich the song, carrying the listener further into the journey curated by Kevin Parker’s vocals.

At it’s core, psychedelic rock is a catalyst for the freeing of one’s thoughts and emotions. It is music which brings the unconscious to the fore, while simultaneously restraining the often insecure and inhibiting conscious. ‘Cause I’m a man’ follows this psychedelic paradigm masterfully, but what truly makes this a great record, is the juxtaposition between the unconscious and psychedelic melody with Kevin Parker’s overly-conscious lyrics. “If I don’t speak I don’t have a voice”.

Self aware and honest, this song is an exploration into the contradictions common to the human experience.

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