How It Never Was (Mixtape) + South St. Meet&Greet – Kur



Last night we tweeted live from Kur’s How It Never Was Meet&Greet at Status on South Street in Philadelphia, and believe me, it was LIVE! There was no shame to be had in the room, as a large group of 17-35 year old males got DOWN to everything from tracks off the new tape to Kur’s very first recordings. Kur was in the back room of this Philly sneaker shop just posted up bobbing his head and shaking hands; real calm, cool and collected (definitely high lol). The shop had opened its back door to the back patio where there was a grill going with burgers and dogs, with macaroni salad and everything! It was really just a dope environment all around.

Now onto the tape, we’ve known for a while now that Kur has had a Meek Mill collaboration tucked up his sleeve for some time now. This tape is where it lives. Kur released the full tracklist earlier this week, revealing additional features including Omelly, Guordan, and Lihtz. This long-awaited tape is finally here, enjoy!



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