Young Thug Responds to Lil Wayne Diss

xfjaesba1tkcbxljyy6ySOURCE: STEREOGUM

Just over 48 hours after Young Thug released the cover art to his upcoming album, Carter 6, he’s set twitter ablaze with controversy, angered the originator of the series, Lil Wayne, and gave a response to Lil Wayne’s diss. Let’s give you a brief update.

As I am sure all of you know, Lil Wayne has been one of Thugger’s main influences as an artist throughout out his career. They’ve even collaborated multiple times, most notably on their single “Take Kare.” In an interview with MTV in 2013, Wayne revealed that Tha Carter V would be his last solo album. Consequently, as a tribute to his biggest influence, Young Thug named his upcoming début album, Carter 6, putting a lot of listeners and collaborators, including Lil Wayne himself, very upset.

Recently, during one of his tour stops, Wayne asked fans “to do [him] a favor and stop listening to songs of n***as that pose naked on their muh f***ing album cover… Y’all let him know I said ‘fuck him.'” In response, Thugger posted an Instagram video declaring his well wishes for Wayne and that Wayne still remains his biggest source of inspiration, claiming “[Wayne] is my idol. I wouldn’t ever in my life swap words or beef with him or nothing.”

The album name is supposedly supposed to be a respectful continuation of Wayne’s career via Young Thug but it’s starting to look like a sudden halt of Wayne’s career, as Carter 6 is set to drop on April 17th before Wayne’s Tha Carter V. Let’s hope this is all settled soon. The two make a hell of a duo.

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