Dilla Day to Head to Los Angeles

dilla-day-laSOURCE: 2DOPEBOYZ

After announcing Dilla Day will last an entire weekend in Miami, it looks like Los Angeles is joining the festivities with a Dilla Day of their own. The event will span from February 5-8 in Miami and February 13th in Los Angeles. Artists slated to perform include Elzhi, Bishop Lamont, J Rocc, Guilty Simpson, Frank Nitt, Phat Kat, and Phoreyz. The LA event is hosted by Dilla’s long time friend, Dave New York, who released the following statement:

This is the first Dilla Day in Los Angeles. There was a lot of drama at Dilla Day Detroit behind the scenes, especially backstage, that a lot of people don’t know about if you weren’t there. Ma Dukes and I were talking and she knew how much love he had in LA from the fans. I was like, ‘Ma Dukes, why don’t we do a Dilla Day in LA?’ Ma Dukes looked at me like, ‘Well, you’re in charge of Dilla Day LA.’

Purchase tickets to Dilla Day LA here.

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