Sugarcrush – Joanna Gruesome

Joanna Gruesome are a five piece noise pop band of England and with a name as cheeky as theirs they are obligated to make music just as animated. “Sugarcrush” off their most recent LP Weird Sister, is exactly that. It begins with a mess of guitars and drums but when the vocals come in, sung sweetly by Alanna McArdle and Owen Williams, there’s a distinct pop feel that cuts the punk vibe of the riffs.

The video features kittens, singing pizzas, and old-school graphics in keeping with the bands home recording production quality. The song offers moments to jump on your bed and dance to as well as times when you want to bang your head. The rowdy guitar solo that closes the track escalates from uncontrolled to violent and the video wraps up similarly with a collage of drawings dwindling to a single piece of poop. Joanna Gruesome aren’t taking anything too seriously and “Sugarcrush” offers listeners a chance to do the same.

The video for “Sugarcrush” above.


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