Dip into Sylvan Esso’s “Coffee”


Sylvan Esso became a band when Amelia Meath, originally of folk trio Mountain Man asked Nick Sanborn, and electronic producer, to work on the song “Play It Right” for her. He did it, and when he finished he realized the piece felt more like a collaboration than a simple remix. Meath agreed, and a new duo was formed.

Off their new album SE, “Coffee” is a stand out track and unlike the band’s formation, nothing about it comes off as accidental. It’s syrupy pop and intent mixed together with vocals that sound like a tease.

The song builds and adds to itself slowly, like Meath and Sanborn have all the time in the world. But even better than the smooth ambient beats and Meath’s lilting voice is that the song is about dancing. “Get up/get down/get up/sentiments stay the same but the pair of feet change” Meath sings in the chorus. “Coffee” invites listeners to join Meath and Sanborn for a dance in their luxurious sounds while reminding us you’re free to change your partner at any time.

Watch the music video for “Coffee” below.

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