Jack White’s Innovative Vinyl for ‘Lazaretto’


Jack White’s released his newest solo LP, Lazaretto, on Tuesday. Like many other artists, White decided to create a vinyl for his record. Unlike many other artists, White decided to create his record at a pressing plant, Third Man Records, which he partly owns, creating an incredibly intricate vinyl record which he dubs “The Ultra LP.” He went into brief detail on late night with Jimmy Fallon but here’s a complete rundown of White’s new vinyl.

Unlike most other vinyls, you can listen to Side A of the record by putting the needle on the inside of the record. Subsequently, it works its way out into a locked groove, which allows the record to continue looping around virtually for an infinite amount of time and still plays the melody etched into that part of the record.

There are hidden tracks on each side of the record that are found by placing the needle on the outer part of the sticker found in the middle. They are found by playing the record at different RPMs and the vinyl has playable grooves at three different ones.

The first song on Side B of the record has two separate grooves for the intro. One groove is an acoustic intro, while the other is electric. As the song reaches a certain point, the two grooves join into one, carrying out the rest of the original song.

Side A of the vinyl has a “shiny, brand new, virgin, vinyl appearance.” While Side B has a “matte, black, flat finish. [It] looks like a brand new ’78 may have looked.”

Here is where this record gets very interesting, regardless of whether you’re into vinyls or not. There is a one-inch band in the “dead wax” (where there are no grooves to play) that is etched into the master print by artist Tristan Duke. When the record plays, it creates a floating hologram of an angel that can be seen above and below the record when looked at from a certain angle.

Each unique trait of White’s vinyl is the first of its kind.

You can watch the full video with Blackwell and White describing the Ultra LP below.
(The part detailing and showing off the angel hologram begins at 5:40)

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