Eight bands I wish I was seeing at Sasquatch this year


This weekend is Washington’s Sasquatch Music Festival, a three-day event with big name acts like The National, and Outkast performing along with local Seattle bands like Tacocat. And, while everyone can agree the headliners are worth the price of admission, one of the best aspects of this festival is the lesser-known bands, most of which, like me, come from the Pacific Northwest. I couldn’t make the festival this year but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to see these acts take the stage. Here are eight bands I wish I could see who are performing at Sasquatch this year:

1. Tacocat

This Seattle group grabs misogyny by the ball and twists with in your face bubblegum pop/rock songs like ‘Hey Girl‘ and ‘Crimson Wave’. The latter of those being exactly what you think it’s about, video below.

2. Shelby Earl

Shelby Earl is an indie rock singer/songwriter who’s been through some shit and decided to write about it, with devastatingly open songs like ‘Swift Arrows‘ that tell a story of someone who made it through.

3. Crystal Fighters

This is an alternative dance/electronic group from London, England. There songs are void of the heavy drops much of dance music is known for and are the result is a joyful almost folk feel to songs like ‘At Home‘ and ‘LA Calling‘.

4. Lucius

A Brooklyn indie rock group that is quietly making a name for itself with songs like ‘Tempest‘ and award winning music videos like ‘Go Home’ below.

5. Deap Vally

Deap Vally are a rock duo from Los Angeles, California who’s hard-edged music juxtaposes the sweet look of the two female members. One member said of the band; “I think people could look at us and make one assumption, and then when they see us play, that assumption will be shattered”. Songs like ‘Baby I Call Hell‘ prove that prediction true.

6. The Grizzled Mighty

The Grizzled Mighty might look like they live in woods in log cabins they built themselves but don’t let the beards fool you, they are a rock and roll band through and through. Their sound is reminiscent of a blue-sy White Stripes demonstrated in songs “Wallflower” and “Stuck In My Head“.

7. Night Beats

Mix garage rock with psychedelic ambient noise rock and you get Night Beats. Their music is bold and unapologetic in sound with dense distorted tracks like “The New World” that are long enough to get lost in.

8. Pollens

Pollens may be another Seattle indie rock band, but they stand out in the popular category. Their songs can be called trance, with complex, layered vocals and African rhythms. Their song ‘Motion King’ below.


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